Above and Beyond Quality

Are you tired of stunning, but flimsy pieces? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromise. No matter what type of jewelry you're looking for, I guarantee durability. I design well-built jewelry so you can focus on looking good!

Cultivating Your Identity

You know what you like and I want to help you match that with jewelry that reflects your identity. When you order from me you become my most important person. During your search for the perfect jewelry, I pledge to help you through the process by getting to know you and what you like.

My Promise

I promise to treat you, my customer, with the honesty and respect you deserve. I pride myself on the quality of my jewelry and I want clients to feel the same pride when wearing the exciting pieces they choose from my store. I hope you will let me assist in finding jewelry to reflect your individuality.

Artisan Jewelry

 What is Artisan Jewelry?   Artisan jewelry is custom made by highly skilled craftsmen. It is sold via the Internet, within jewelry stores, and local markets all around the globe. The jewelry is composed from diverse kinds of materials, with a number of pieces being made from different elements. These are often of the highest and best quality all around the globe. 

Feathers? Yes!

As a custom jewelry designer, one of my featured artistic endeavors has been creating Chinese knotted necklaces using satin and braided cord. Unique embellishments are part of many of my designs used for complementing the other components of a necklace set.   I even have a few necklace sets using feathers!

Customer Comments

  I have been honored with some wonderful compliments from customers that I would like to share. Customer satisfaction is a major goal for me and I am pleased that my clients are generous with their compliments:

"I received your necklace last night.  I was so pleased.  It was more than I expected in artistic design. I wore it today with my moss green outfit.  It was so stunning."